Frozen Products

Product Shots frozen Coverts
Products Product Code Availability
40/F Breaded Cod Fillets 10# AC22007
40/F Clam Strips 18 x 12oz AC22008
40/F Fish Fingers 10# AC22009
40/F Haddock in Batter 10# AC22010
40/F Haddock Minced Sticks AC22011
Atlantic Salmon Trimmings 10# AC21006
Atlantic Salmon1-4 30# AC22092
Chilean Salmon Fillets AC29270
Chilean Sea Bass Fillets AC22138
Clam Meat / Special Request AC22180
Cod Fillets Frz AC22151
Cod Fillets Shatterpack AC22183
Cod Tongues and Cheeks 1# AC26175
Cod Tongues IQF 10# AC26175-1
Cod Whole AC22168
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