Sauces, spreads & seasonings

Product Shots seasonings Coverts
Products Product Code Availability
Comeau Lobster and Seafood Spread AC55001
Comeau Shrimp and Seafood Spread AC55002
Comeau Smk Salmon spread 6 x 340g AC55003
Comeau Tidbit BBQ/Dill AC55004
Comeau Tidbit House Blend 12 x 265g 10lb AC55006
Comeau Tidbit House Blend 12 x 750g AC55007
Comeau Tidbit in Wine Sauce 12 x 265g AC55010
Comeau Tidbit in Wine Sauce 12 x 750g AC5009
Comeau Marinated House Blend Herring AC55042
Dulse Fundy Bay 50 x 40g / Special Request AC55040
Club House English Style Fish & Chip mix 6 x 284g AC55047
Club HouseTempura Batter Mix 6 x 227g AC55048
Club House Fish Fry Mix 6 x 284g AC55049
Club House Beer Batter Mix 6 x 284g AC55050
Club House Original Cocktail Sauce 12 x 237g AC55024
Club House Extra Hot Cocktail Sauce 12 x 237g AC55020
Club House Original Tartar Sauce 12 x 237g AC55025
Club House Low Fat Tartar Sauce 12 x 236g AC55023
Club House Ginger Teriyaki Marinade 6 x 236g AC55019
Club House Lemon Herb Marinade 6 x 236g AC55022
Club House Lemon Butter Dill 6 x 236g AC55021
Club House Cajun Style Marinade 6 x 236g AC55015
Cub House Old Bay Seasoning (spice) 12 x 74g AC55023
Fish Crisp Original Seasoning 6 x 340g AC55051
Fish Crisp Cajun Seasoning 6 x 340g AC55052
Fish Crisp Italian Seasoning 6 x 340g AC55053
Fish Crisp Beer Batter Seasoning 6 x 340g AC55054
Fish Crisp Roast Garlic & Butter Seasoning AC55055
Fish Crisp GG Wine and Herb Seasoning 12 x 80g AC58236
Trays with Lids AC55037
Trays with Lids 20lb AC55038
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