Smoked and Salted

Product Shots smoked Coverts
Products Product Code Availability
Cod Fillets Smoked 15# Frz AC26385
Cod Salt Bits pkg 1# AC33006
Cod Salt Choice Cello 1# AC33000
Eel JWK Smoked 5# Frz / Special Request AC22070
Haddock Fillets Smoked 15# Frz AC22027
Herring Salt 20# AC36335
Herring Smk Boneless Fillets 10# AC33010
Mackeral JWK Smk 5# AC3511983
Mackeral JWK Smk Lem/Pep 5# / Speical Request AC22072
Salmon Comeau's Smk sliced 1kg AC22028
Salmon JWK Sliced Smk sliced 1kg Frz AC28494
Salmon STM Smk All Dressed Bulk Frz AC22128
Salmon STM Smk All Dressed Pkg Frz AC22129
Salmon STM Cold Smk 8oz Frs AC33020
Salmon STM Hot Sides Sliced 1kg AC22126
Salmon STM Smk Maple Bulk Frz AC22123
Salmon STM Smk Maple PKG Frz AC22131
Salmon STM Smk Pepper Bulk Frz AC22132
Salmon STM Smk Pepper Pkg Frz AC22133
Salmon STM Smk sides 1kg AC22124
Salmon STM Trimmings 11# AC22122
Salmon TNS Cold Smk Sides 2.5# AC22127
Frz Salmon TNS Cold Smk 113g pkg AC00202496
Salmon TNS Cold Smk 56g pkg AC29295
Trout JWK Smoked 5# Frz AC22074
Turbot Salt AC33008
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